Welcome Students!

SRVM is a teaching practice affiliated with Ryerson University. We welcome students from the Midwifery Education Program, the International Midwifery Preregistration Program, and interprofessional programs. Please explore this website to learn more about us. Here are a few quick facts that you may wish to know about our practice if you are considering requesting a placement in our region.

Our clinic is located at Port Union and Kingston Road, on the border between Scarborough and Pickering, very close to highway 401.

We work at 3 hospitals:

  • Scarborough Health Network – General Campus
  • Scarborough Health Network – Centenary Campus
  • Lakeridge Health Ajax-Pickering Hospital.

Our catchment area includes all of Scarborough (east to Victoria Park and south to Lake Ontario), Pickering, Ajax and Whitby.

We prefer students to live within 45 minutes of our clinic, which is usually easily accessible within this timeframe from anywhere in East End Toronto (most days you can get to our clinic within 30 minutes from the East End). If you live in East End Toronto, most of your driving will be against traffic. 

You will have to pay for parking at the hospitals, but parking at our clinic or at our clients’ homes rarely requires payment, and is usually easy to find. 

We are generally quite casual at our clinic, jeans are okay.

About 15-20% of our births are planned home or clinic births, 80-85% are planned hospital births.

Our scope of practice includes primary care for oxytocin augmentation and epidural, but not for induction (yet-we are working on it!)

We can accommodate up to 4 placements for NC and senior students combined at any given time. 

As of yet, we do not have a rotating New Registrant position, but we do hire NRs on occasion.

We have traditionally had a primary-call model of practice, which means students followed one midwife’s schedule for the most part. As of January 2018, we reorganized to a variety of shared-call models, students are now assigned the appropriate number of clients to follow, and will likely attend clinic, births and home visits with more than one midwife.

We have a wide variety of families in our care, including a large new immigrant/refugee community from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We also have a fairly young clientele overall, with a growing number of clients over 40. We serve people from a wide range of socioeconomic classes, and have a significant non-ohip population.

We are a teaching practice because we love teaching and have a strong commitment to the growth of midwifery in Ontario and Canada. Most of us have worked with numerous students at different levels. We pride ourselves on including, supporting and mentoring students and work closely with the MEP and IMPP to offer quality placements with active teaching, and student workload and time off in accordance with MEP policies.  We believe clinical learning is the heart of midwifery education.

If you are considering coming here and have any questions, please contact us.