Our Students

Like most midwifery practices in Ontario, we are a teaching practice.  We have midwifery students at various points in their education learning at our clinic for most of the year.  As midwives, we are grateful when our clients decide to share this intimate experience with a student, as it contributes to the education of future midwives, who will go on to provide care to more families in Ontario. 

It is always the client’s choice if a student is involved in her care.  Most people enjoy having a student providing extra support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  If a student is involved, an experienced midwife is always present for the birth and any other assessments.  The student may be at stage where she/he can complete some of the prenatal and postpartum visits on her/his own; in this case, the midwife is accessible in the clinic or  by phone if needed.

Our Current Students

Zoë Findlay – Zoë is in her senior year of the Midwifery Education Program (MEP) at Laurentian University.  She is very excited to work with the midwives and clients at Sages- Femmes Rouge Valley Midwives from April – September 2018.  She’ll be working mainly with Melinda Soares, RM and Jasmin Tecson, RM.

Zoë is originally from Winnipeg, MB, but has lived in Ontario for the past few years while completing the MEP.  She previously studied International Development and Human Rights, which is how she found out about midwifery.  After volunteering for an organization for young parents, and as a doula, her passion for midwifery grew, leading her to change paths and apply for the MEP.

She is very grateful to you for contributing to her learning by allowing her to be involved in your care!